Historic Geometric Pools Interrupt Australia’s Rocky Coastline in Aerial Shots by Nicole Larkin

I was browsing the Colossal website and came across this article written about a photograph series taken by Nicole Larkin, documenting the strikingly-geometric man-made pools that dot parts of Australia’s coastline. We talked in class about how arrangements of lines and shapes can evoke visceral feelings in the audience, and the juxtaposition of the straight edges of the pools against the wild and abstract shapes of the natural coastline reminded me of that. I also loved a quote from Larkin, who said, “[The pools] often exhibit the “bare minimum,” dematerializing into the rock platform yet providing amenity and facilitating easy access to the ocean.” Larkin points out that the change between the geometries of the pool and coastline, while visually very striking and sudden, is actually designed with the intent to provide the users of the pool with a more gradual functional transition: moving from a man-made body of water to a natural one.

Some of my favorite photographs from the set:

Christopher Lin, 1/26/2020

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  1. J Rivkin says:

    These photographs are amazing!


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