The digital world of Osamu Sato

Osamu Sato is a japanese artist known for his psychedelic and captivating illustrations and music pieces, used most notably in the experimental video game LSD: Dream Emulator. However, another very striking work of his is the book “The Art of Computer Designing: A Black and White Approach,” released in 1993. This is a collection of art pieces in black and white meant to showcase the artistic possibilities of using digital media as a canvas. Thus, the book underlines Sato’s penchant for creating simple yet still visually evocative and surreal images though a high degree of stylization and abstraction. Here, we see what a truly great craftsman can do with the deliberate artistic limitation of drawing solely in black and white, coupled with the technological limitations of digital art a a time when the capabilities of computers pale in comparison to how they are nowadays.

Here is a link to an article on more information:

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