The Problem of Gravity

Over winter break I came across this video from Wired from the 5 Levels series. In this video an astrophysicists explains the concept of gravity to students in elementary, high school, college, graduate school, and an expert. Of course increasing the depth of her description each time she goes up a level. I know on the surface this seems to have nothing to do with art, but I think this video will serve as inspiration for some of my ideas for Project 1.2. In class we talked about speculative design and in order to get into speculative design we need to find a future problem and find a solution to that problem. I believe we now have an inadequate understanding of laws that govern this universe, and I think in the future we will figure out some of these laws and have groundbreaking inventions from this understanding. So for my project I want to fix a problem with devices I believe will be developed from understanding some of the problems addressed in the video.

Wired Video:

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