Jiwon Woo’s take on the disasters of modernity

I recently learned about a new exhibition in Philadelphia by the artist Jiwon Woo. The name of this event is “Self-Salvation 21” and it explores the relationship that humans have built and continue to mold with the technology that they use, and how this in turn influences art. In her work, Woo is interested in seeking the deep-seeded connections between the human self and how it changes with the everdeveloping motion of society, thanks to advances in science. This manifests in her exhibition as a desire to comment on the notion of sin and salvation as they are interpreted in the 21st century. Modernity, according to Woo, marks a turning point in human history as it shows humans having and extreme command of nature through technology, while at the same time being completely helpless to the disastrous effects of our actions on the planet. It’s for this reason that seeing Woo’s ehxibition in a gallery sounds so interesting, as it would make for a very enlightening experience on the human condition.

Here is a link to more information about the exhibition:


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