Tech of the Future

The Philadephia Museum of Art is having an exhibition soon on a topic that is of all to real importance to many of us, that of the new technological innovations that we might see in the future, as well as how this correlates to the concept of design. The aim of this is to shed light on how the advancements that are happening right now in the field of science will shape our ways of interacting with the technology that we use, and as a result how their design will appropriately respond to these necessary shifts. This reminded me quite a bit of Project 1.1, since it takes essentially the same concept of imagining possible future inventions, but takes the design process to an even further degree, as it builds from real developments in science and tries to see from a more realistic lense what their introduction to the consumer market of upcomming generations would entail.

More details are available on the official site of the Philadephia Museum of Art:

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