Artist Spotlight: John Wentz

I found this article on BOOOOOOOM highlighting the work of John Wentz, an artist based in Paris. When I saw Wentz’s work, I was immediately struck by the complicated emotions that the pieces invoked. Many of the artworks feature ghostly human figures, often missing distinguishing features such as eyes or mouths. Looking at these pieces almost fills me with a sense of dread, like I’m staring at something haunting and inhuman. But at the same time, the expressions and poses of the human figures conveys something so uniquely human that the sense of dread turns into a feeling of sadness, as if these are ghosts that are lost and wandering, not maliciously haunting. When Wentz does include eyes or mouths, it is so startling that the eye is immediately drawn to the feature, and it lends these few pieces a unique intensity that is extremely difficult to replicate.

Furthermore, Wentz’s work really highlights the materials and texture he employs, bringing to mind the works of Helen Frankenthaler. In some of the paintings, it seems like Wentz leaves some of the canvas untouched, which helps convey a sense of rawness and incompleteness that makes the emotion of the artwork really stand out. The thick coats of paint also contain telltale brushstrokes, giving a strong feeling of texture that adds a feeling of depth to the painting.

All in all, fantastic artwork.

A few of my favorite pieces:

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