“Midway” By Paul D’Amato

Earlier this past week, I had been researching the principles of depth of field for my photography class, which is simply understood as the zone of focus in a photo, so that I may better apply the concept in my shots. I came across some interesting photos where certain figures/subjects of the art experienced different forms of focus and meaning. For instance, one of my favorites was this image captured by Paul D’Amato, where the clear subject of the photo is the woman with the lawnmower, but then there is layered subjects that are in similar focus. The stop sign is centered and can be easily seen, but just isn’t as upfront as the woman, and the plane is frozen, experiencing still motion, but is still just out of focus enough to make its appearance seem further than the other subjects. It is a very cool concept to see in photography, but I think it is also important to note that it can be applied in design. The difference when interpreting, foreground or background is when we use the most basic elements of depth of field in any sketch, design, or illustration.

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