Moss, Coral, and Lichen Inspired Embroidery Hoops Stitched by Hannah Kwasnycia

I found this Colossal article about Hannah Kwasnycia’s embroidery hoops, and was immediately awed by the texture and composition of her works. Kwasnycia freehand embroiders each hoop, giving her precise control over each unique piece. She cites moss, lichen, and other natural colonies as the inspiration behind her work, and it truly shows; whenever I look at the patterns in her work I feel like I am viewing something deeply biological, yet unidentifiable. The three-dimensionality of the embroidered patterns only adds to the chaotic-yet-ordered beauty, elevating each piece from a collection of interwoven threads to an embodiment of Nature. When we analyzed Rosenthaler’s work in class and tried to recreate the textures within Illustrator, it really showed me how striking the addition of depth can be, and Kwasnycia’s work serves to re-emphasize that.

Some pieces I found particularly stunning:

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