“The Twist of a Knee” Photo Booooooom


This weekend I shot a ton with my film and digital cameras, just experimenting with different settings of light (natural and fabricated) and positioning of my subjects and truly enjoyed the process, but struggled ultimately to find or reach my “shot” or “moment” in any of my photos. While surfing Booooooom’s photography page, looking for inspiration, I found this piece by CJ Chandler, a South African artist and photographer. I was stunned to see how simple the image was, but yet how it also was so layered with information. At first glance you think it is only about the crouched man, but after more analyzation, you can see there is a whole other layer of storyline that is focused on the tattoos the man possesses. My eyes became fixated on them, as if they were another language and I thought that was cool!

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