Comical Portraits by Elke Vogelsang Reveal Dogs’ Fleeting Emotions

This post on Colossal highlighting Elke Vogelsang’s portrait works was a source of some much-needed humor amidst the recent chaotic situation. Interestingly, Vogelsang’s canine portraits were first born during a similar chaotic and tragic time as an attempt to “try to keep up a bit of normality.” The light-hearted feel of each photograph really is refreshing, and it helps a lot in making a stressful situation feel more bearable.

Additionally, the ability of each portrait to wordlessly convey a sense of action or personality is similar to the storyboards that we’ve been working on in class. In both, the artist attempts to help the viewer see motion or empathize with characters without any actual movement. Vogelsang masters this in her choice of poses and backgrounds, making the audience feel like they are witnessing the playful nature of each dog firsthand.

A few of my favorite portraits:

“Scout Hedge Troll”
“Frida Framed Frida”
“Toffee When You Ask Someone to Repeat Himself and You Still”

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