Human Subjects Distorted by Nature in Double-Exposure Photographs by Christoffer Relander

I found this article while browsing Colossal (which has become something of a habit thanks to this class!). It highlights the hauntingly-beautiful photographs created by Christoffer Relander. Relander uses a combination of in-camera techniques and post-production editing (Adobe Photoshop) to create ghostly silhouettes of people overlaid with nature. The results remind me of the flora and fauna diagrams hand-drawn by field biologists in the 1800s, à la Charles Darwin. I love that the subtle shadowing and textures of the human subjects is preserved, almost heightened by the overlay of grass and flowers. It makes the works feel that much more ethereal, and reminds me of the work we did in class exploring the different kinds of overlays possible in Illustrator and Photoshop (Color Burn, Darken, etc.).

Some of my favorites:

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