Reimagining the Future of the Countryside

Last week, I was in New York City for our extended Spring Break. I was aimlessly walking through Central Park, when , due to the sudden increase in free time at my disposal, I decided on a whim to go see an exhibit at the nearby Guggenheim Museum. What I found there was a building-spanning installation called Countryside, The Future, a procession of pieces, graphs, maps, sculptures, recordings etc., all positioned along the Guggenheim’s main spiral pathway, detailing the state of the countryside in modernity, and how it will project into the future as it is influenced by the actions of man.

The exhibition focused on a wide range of topics such as the destructive capabilities of climate change, as well as the infinite creative possibilities of human enginuity. Furthermore, the subject is also approached from a more philosophical standpoint, questioning what the countryside even means in contemporary culture, for instance analyzing how it is protrayed in children’s toys and commercials.

All in all, I found this to be a very interesting experience, especially as we enter troubling times on a globl level, as it will make you consider the role of humanity in shaping the future not just of itself, but of the whole planet.

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