“May the Road Rise to Meet You” by Photographer Sara Macel


I’ve been taking a ton of pictures lately, and I enjoy researching and viewing the work of other photographers, designers, artists, etc… to gain inspiration and knowledge before I try to step into a creation f my own. This past weekend, I found this collection by Sara Macel, a photographer from New York, and I truly enjoyed the cover image of the collection, (https://www.booooooom.com/2019/09/19/may-the-road-rise-to-meet-you-by-photographer-sara-macel/), because torments the viewers perception, not only in a physical manner in terms of where to look or what is the subject, but a mental/emotional one as well. It was the first image I personally have seen in a while that has made me think deeply and experience different emotions. I almost don’t understand the point of the image, what exactly is being photographed? The shadow of the photographer in the image, would let one to believe that the person in their entirety is being photographed, but then the image focuses on their shoe and the small column they are sitting on. Then I don’t even know if the subject is even the shoe or the column. It’s such a trippy image.

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