Costa Roca Athletic Center: Among the Trees – Design Milk

Gilded Iguana Hotel Activity Center, Nosara Costa Rica – Studio Saxe – – Image copyright Andres Garcia Lachner –

I personally am a massive fan of architecture. I’ve always loved the aesthetics that structures can provide the eye, it’s one of the many reasons I chose to attend Penn before any of this started. Design Milk is a great site to see the latest and greatest in architectural design, concepts, and theories, and I found this cool piece over the weekend. In Costa Rica, Studio Saxe, an international architecture firm, developed, designed, and built this athletic training center within the beautiful vegetation of a forrest. The concept Studio Saxe used to develop this design was the idea of “Nature vs. Artificial Living”. A very similar concept used in some other designs in the past, such as Frank Lloyd Wright’s, “Falling Water” where there was a desire to create a space in nature that in the end looked like as if it belonged there the entire time. A very difficult task to accomplish, but I believe it was done beautifully here. The natural elements of the forrest are very calming, but also stand out with their beautiful colors, and combine that with the tree-like textures of the building and the good amount of glass, the result gives you a very freeing and welcoming structure.

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