, a community for sharing Processing artworks

I stumbled across this website while looking for inspiration for my Data Portrait project. It’s a really cool community of artists using a variant of Processing to create and share new works of art, tools, and even games. The thing I really love is that each work is open source, so you can look at the underlying code and pick apart how the artist was able to create what they did! I could spend hours looking at different amazing artworks, and even longer peering into the code behind the scenes and trying to figure out what each line means.

I tried copy and pasting into my local Processing environment, but it looks like the syntax is a little different. I think OpenProcessing is using a version of Processing based off of Javascript instead of Java (called P5js).

Some of my favorite “sketches” on OpenProcessing:

Blue Growth by Elisabeth TheAwsome

Tiny Sketch Unknown Pleasures by Craig S. Kaplan

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  1. J Rivkin says:

    You can totally still write Processing sketches on openProcessing. You have to go to the sidebar and select the processingjs. This ports the processing java sketch to be javascript. Because they’ve depreciated it for fully making the p5.js work – some function may not work – but you should try and give it a go if you can

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